Healthy Pantry Staples You Can Buy Online

Healthy Pantry Staples You Can Buy Online

If you’re like a lot of people with more time at home, you are cooking and baking more. And if you’ve ventured out to the store, you’ve seen that the baking isle is pretty empty! Or maybe you’re choosing to limit time at the grocery store. Don’t panic (we have enough of that going on)! Did you know that you can get most of your healthy baking essentials online (and within a couple days) from places like Thrive market, Costco, or Amazon?

Here I’ve compiled a list of pantry staples that can be found online along with my personal product recommendations. The products I use are gluten free, grain free, and dairy free, unless noted. Some are low carb or keto as well. Even when not on a mandated lock down, I purchase much of my baking supplies online because a lot of them are not easy to find, or are more expensive at the store.

Note: I only link to products I truly use and recommend, and some, but not all links may be affiliate links. The links below link to products on Amazon unless noted.

Baking Staples/Spices

Baking sodaBob’s Redmill
Baking powder—Rumford Aluminum free,
CinnamonSimply Organic Ceylon cinnamon
SaltReal salt


Sugar free white chips (monkfruit sweetened)—ChocZero White Chips
Allergen free chocolate chipsEnjoy Life Chocolate Chips (Thrive Market), Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
Chocolate chips, 80%+Pasha 85% cacao chips (Thrive Market),
Cocoa (baking)Guittard Dutch Processed (excellent flavor, great product)
Cacao powder, rawHealthworks
Unsweetened chocolateChatfields
Chocolate bars, 80% cacao or higherLindt 90%, Pasha 85%, Theo 85%

Fats & Oils

Coconut oilKirkland Signature organic coconut oil (Costco),
Olive oilKirkland Signature Toscano EV Olive Oil (Costco), Kasandrinos EV olive oil
Palm vegetable shorteningSpectrum vegetable (palm oil) shortening
Avocado oilChosen Foods Avocado Oil

Flours & Starches

Almond flourKirkland Signature (Costco), Wellbee or Honeyville
Arrowroot starchBob’s Redmill, Bob’s Redmill (Thrive Market)
Cassava flourOtto’s
Coconut flourNutiva or Anthony’s
Lupin flourLupina
Tapioca starchBob’s Redmill


AlmondsWhole almonds (Costco),
PecansPecan halves, Pecan halves (Costco),
Almond butterHappy Belly, Barney Butter,
Sun butterOnce Again Unsweetened, Sunbutter unsweetened-Thrive Market,
Peanut butterOnce Again Unsweetened,

Sweeteners: Natural

Coconut sugarNutiva or Anthony’s, 5 lb. (better price)
Maple syrupCoombs Organic Grade A dark Amber
Honey (raw)Nature Nate’s
MolassesPlantation Organic

Sweeteners: Zero Calorie/Non-nutritive

Monkfruit granulated sweetenerLakanto Monkfrutit/Erythritol blend
Monkfruit dropsLakanto
Erythritol zero calorie granulated sweetenerSwerve Granulated
Erythritol zero calorie brown sweetenerSwerve Brown
Erythritol zero calorie confectioners sweetenerSwerve Confectioners
Kabocha extract sweetenerBochaSweet Granulated


Apple Cider Vinegar—Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Coconut milkThai Kitchen organic, Aroy-D (no guar gum)
Tomato sauceHunt’s Organic Tomato Sauce
Tomato pasteHunt’s Organic Tomato Paste

Kitchen Tools (a few of my favorites)

Instant Pot9 in 1 Instant Pot
Food ProcessorCuisenart Prep 9
Blend Tec High Powered BlenderBlend Tec Wide Side Original
Immersion BlenderCuisenart
Waffle MakerOster Ceramic non-stick waffle maker

Have fun cooking and baking!

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