Keto Fudgy Crack Brownie Bars

These bars are kind of like brownies and kind of like molten lava cake… except they're not served warm. But they have a gooey, fudgy filling like a molten lava cake. But they taste more like a brownie. Not exactly a brownie, but not a lava cake either! Help name them!

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Easy Dairy Free Queso

I love cheese, but it doesn’t love me back! I can tolerate a little dairy once in a while, so I guess I’m lucky in that I’m not actually allergic…

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Easy Keto Potato Salad

Yes, this contains actual potatoes, and yes, it is possible to enjoy them while eating keto! Here’s how. Resistant starch. Resistant starch is just that—starch (carbohydrates) that is resistant to…

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