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Low Carb & Keto Archives • Cindy Hilliard Nutrition
  • Dairy free cheese sauce

    Easy Dairy Free Queso

    I love cheese, but it doesn’t love me back! I can tolerate a little dairy once in a while, so I guess I’m lucky in that I’m not actually allergic to it, but I’m not a fan of the inflammation, achy joints, and weight gain it causes for me, so I try to avoid it […]

  • pumpkin spice latte bars

    Pumpkin Spice Latte Bars {grain free, keto & paleo options}

    Your favorite fall beverage transformed into a no-guilt dessert! Think “pumpkin pie meets creamy coffee” with a cinnamon shortbread crust. Plus, these bars can be made keto or paleo! Ingredients Crust2 c. Blanched Almond Flour1/3 c. Swerve Brown Sweetener* (coconut sugar for Paleo)¼ tsp. Salt¼ c. Coconut oil, very soft or melted1 Egg1 tbsp. Cinnamon […]

  • Keto potato salad

    Easy Keto Potato Salad

    Yes, this contains actual potatoes, and yes, it is possible to enjoy them while eating keto! Here’s how. Resistant starch. Resistant starch is just that—starch (carbohydrates) that is resistant to digestion. This type of starch passes through the digestive system mostly undigested, meaning the carbs are not absorbed. Resistant starch is present in raw plantains […]

  • Keto, dairy free key lime pie bars

    Key Lime Pie Bars (keto, dairy free)

    I’ve tried a few dairy-free, healthy key lime pie recipes, and while they’ve been good, there’s something about the texture of the filling that just didn’t quite work like real key lime pie. I decided to try making bars with all of the sweet, tart, key lime flavor I love, but without having to worry […]

  • keto cheesecake mousse

    Dairy Free Keto Cheesecake Mousse

    Mmm, cheesecake… I LOVE cheesecake, which to be honest, is a pretty easy dessert to make paleo, low carb, or keto. But now that I’m not doing dairy, I thought cheesecake wasn’t going in my pie hole any time soon! I gave it a little thought and knew there had to be a way to […]

  • keto peanut butter pie

    No Cook Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

    This no cook keto dessert is delicious, and it easily fits into a keto or low carb/high fat lifestyle! This yummy pie uses erythritol to sweeten it. I find that occasionally using zero carb or natural sweeteners in a treat or dessert can work for most people. If the sweetener doesn’t have calories or carbs, why […]

  • Keto Reuben Casserole

    Reuben Casserole (Low carb, keto, grain free)

    Reuben sandwiches. My husband and I love them, but unlike a burger, a Reuben without bread just doesn’t quite work. We pretty much always eat grain free, and most of the time we eat low carb or keto, so no bread for us! Not that a breadless Reuben doesn’t taste delicious, but a little pile […]